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Elave 兒童防曬霜 SPF50+ 200毫升 / Elave Sun Paediatric SPF50+ 200ml

Elave 兒童防曬霜 SPF50+ 200毫升是一種防水、無過敏原,能抵禦紫外線A和 B 對肌膚的傷害,具有先進的紅外線 (IR) – 熱防護功能。 經兒科醫生認證適合初生嬰兒使用,這種低過敏性配方有助於保護幼嫩的皮膚免受,紫外線A和 B 和紅外線 (IR) 射線的傷害。若按照指示並與其他防曬措施一起使用,可降低因陽光引起的皮膚癌和早期皮膚老化的風險,並吸收 98%,能導致曬傷的紫外線B輻射。

Elave Sun Paediatric SPF50+ is a waterproof, allergen free broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection system with advanced Infrared (IR) – thermal protection. Paediatrician approved from newborn, this hypo-allergenic formula helps shield delicate skin from harmful UVA, UVB and infrared (IR) rays. If used as directed and with other sun protection measures Elave Paediatric SPF50+ decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin ageing caused by the sun and absorbs 98% of UVB radiation that causes sunburn.




  • 適用於易患濕疹 /皮炎和對陽光敏感的肌膚
  • Suitable for use on eczema / dermatitis prone and sun-sensitive skin
  • 防曬系數達SPF50+
  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF50+ sun protection 
  • 包含的活性成分可消除對皮膚的吸收,並帶來更長的高保護期
  • Encapsulated active ingredients eliminates absorption into the skin and leads to longer periods of high protection
  • 經兒科醫生認可,適用於任何年齡人士,包括初生嬰兒
  • Paediatrician approved and suitable from newborn onwards
  • 含有維他命 B5、C 和 E,有效防禦環境對皮膚造成的傷害
  • With Vitamin’s B5, C & E to protect against environmental damage
  • 豐富天然植物提取物,舒緩和滋養你的肌膚
  • Enriched with naturally soothing and nourishing botanical extracts.
  • 輕盈無油配方,幫助防止毛孔堵塞
  • Lightweight, oil-free formula prevents clogging of pores
  • 對任何皮膚類型皆有益,包括敏感皮膚
  • Beneficial for all skin types even sensitive skin
  • 通過皮膚病學認可及經安全測試的抗刺激配方
  • Dermatologically approved & safety tested anti-irritation formula
  • 適合在懷孕期間使用
  • Suitable for use during pregnancy
  • 無動物測試及不含任何動物性成分
  • Certified cruelty free & vegan

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