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Ovelle 椰子油100克 / Ovelle Coconut Oil 100g

Ovelle 椰子油 是一種低過敏性調理油,用於滋養和修復皮膚、頭皮和頭髮。 Ovelle 椰子油這款傳統、值得信賴的保濕保護油在塗抹後會在皮膚上融化,不會留下任何殘留物。 它易於吸收,能深層和徹底地滋潤皮膚,有助改善各種皮膚狀況。

Ovelle Coconut Oil [Ecocert Cosmos Natural] is a hypoallergenic conditioning oil for nourishing & repairing skin, scalp & hair. A traditional and trusted moisturising, protective oil, Ovelle Coconut Oil melts on the skin upon application, without leaving any residue. Easily absorbed, it moisturises deeply and thoroughly and has been shown to help improve many skin conditions.

經 Ecocert 認證為Cosmos Natural,確認產品不含對羥基苯甲酸酯、基因改造、納米顆粒、矽樹脂、聚乙二醇、合成香料、染料和任何動物性成分。

Certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert which confirms the product is free from parabens, GMs, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, synthetic perfumes, dyes and animal products.



  • 適用於易患濕疹 / 皮炎的敏感肌膚
  • Suitable for use on eczema / dermatitis prone skin
  • 多功能用途
  • Multi purpose: 
    • 作為護髮素:令頭髮變得健康並增加光澤,睡前用以按摩頭皮,早上沖洗乾淨。
    • As a scalp & hair conditioner: To strengthen and add shine to hair, massage into the scalp before bed, leave in overnight and rinse out in the morning.
    • 作為保濕霜:容易被身體、面部和手部吸收,令肌膚滋養,變得柔滑。
    • As a moisturiser: Readily absorbed by body, face & hands leaving skin nourished and feeling silky smooth.
    • 作為剃鬚膏:椰子油可用作為剃須膏的無刺激替代品,可在剃鬚後塗抹以補充水分。
    • For shaving: Coconut oil can be used as an irritation-free alternative to shaving gels or creams. Can be applied after shaving for extra moisture.
    • 作為眼部卸妝膏:塗上少量於化妝位置並按摩,然後用化妝棉去除。 適合嬰兒、兒童和成人持續使用。
    • As an eye make up remover: Massage a small amount onto make up area and remove with cotton wool. Suitable for frequent use on babies, children & adults. 
  • 100% 純椰子油
  • 100%, ultra-pure Coconut Oil
  • 經兒科醫生認可,適用於任何年齡人士,包括初生嬰兒
  • Paediatrician approved & suitable from newborn onwards
  • 臨床證明對敏感肌膚溫和不過敏,有效防止乾燥和剝落
  • Clinically proven to be kind and mild to sensitive skin, protecting against dryness and flaking
  • 通過皮膚病學認可及經安全測試
  • Dermatologically approved & safety tested
  • 適合在懷孕期間使用
  • Suitable for use during pregnancy
  • 無動物測試及不含任何動物性成分
  • Certified cruelty free & vegan

COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard available at http://COSMOS.ecocert.com